convince me

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 5 16:34:47 CEST 2002

Kyle Babich wrote:
> I started learning perl but more recently I found python.  Both look
> to have their advantages, so I'm having a hard time picking one to
> stick with and persue.  I have seen arguments that python has cleaner
> syntax, is gaining in popularity, with excellent documentation, and is
> better for group projects, which is all fairly obvious.  But (from a
> _neutral_ standpoint I am asking) what can python do that perl can't?

What does "neutral" mean?  Are you asking for something the one can
do that the other can't, but don't want anyone to express a value 
judgment one whether this is a good thing?

Anyway, why not try both and decide for yourself?  If you don't fairly
quickly conclude that you'll be much more productive with Python, then
by all means go with Perl.  Deciding on a language to use just because
of one or two missing features in another language is not sensible.


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