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> Hello all,
> since I wanted to test how fast python is in processing delimited text
> files, something common here, I wrote a quick and dirty mockup of such
> situation.
> I generated a file about 7MB long, with 3 numbers on each line. Then I
> wrote a programm in python, java and ANSI C, generating a second file
> based on the first one, with 4 numbers; the original 3 plus the sum of
> these.
> e.g. "2","5","1" ----> "2","5","1","8"
> I recorded the time it took for the programms to get back to the
> command prompt after hitting the enter key, using my
> "bogo-wristwach-timer" system.
[ ... ]
> I will post the source of the programms in a follup post. The
> implementation details are not exactly the same. I spent a couple of
> days on a satisfactory ANSI C version for example and about 20 minutes
> on the python script. :-)

I susoect this last point is the most valuable data in the post, and I look
forward to seeing the sample code.

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