Tkinter: Query system preferences colors

Jeff Hobbs JeffH at
Mon Aug 26 22:56:21 CEST 2002

Phlip wrote:
> When I read the Tk source, it sez it is giving the list box a
> selection color of #c3c3c3.
> When I query the configurations in use for this ListBox (using print
> list.configure()), it says it's using #0a5f89, which is dark cyan.
> Where is Tk getting this value? I searched all over its source for
> something relevant.
> How do I query a desktop configuration (under X11, Kde or Gnome, >not<
> Windows or Mac) so that list boxes I construct from canvases
> seamlessly integrate with library list boxes?

Tk will correctly read the X database to adapt various widget options to
global (I mean this in the X window manager sense) preferences.  These
are the things you would have in your ~/.Xdefaults, and querying their
effect on Tk can be seen with the option command:
with a nice tutorial on it's use (Tcl-oriented) at:

If you are finding that the core widget defaults are "magically" being
changed when you run, it is likely due to the option database.

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