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Daniel Nuriyev danielnuriyev at
Tue Aug 27 09:39:56 CEST 2002

To Joseph A Knapka: you wrote that anygui looks the same no matter
what the underlying native package you
use, right?
It is stupid of me to contradict because I didn't try all of them on
several OSs but can you explain how
this happens?! 
I am asking because there are two ways to implement such a package. 
One is to correspond every AnyGUI widget to its native counterpart. 
In this case Tk will not look like wxWindows etc.
The other way would be to use something like the Canvas widget of each
of the native packages to draw
dot by dot all the numerous widgets and other auxiliaries in Python
just like Sun built the Swing
package but not calling the native Button, Label etc objects but by
painting them on the basic of the
two or more most basic components that allow drawing.
Although, as far as I know AnyGUI is not built this way. Correct me if
I am wrong. The only Python
package that IS designed this way is
To my sorrow, it is mostly a proposal. Now it is implemented only for
X Windows. (Which actually is quite
enough for Unix. I am thinking about implementing it for the Windows
API and MacOS)

Daniel Nuriyev

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