Statespressions? (Re: Draft Pep (was: Re: Let's Talk About Lambda Functions!))

Greg Ewing see_reply_address at something.invalid
Mon Aug 5 22:18:13 EDT 2002

Huaiyu Zhu wrote:

> This leads to
> inconsistent styles like
> def func1 ...
> def func3 ...
> def func4 ...
> callbacks = {
>    "case a": func1,
>    "case b": lambda ...
>    "case c": func3,
>    "case d": func4,
>    "case e": lambda ...
> }

Applying some wild lateral thinking here, maybe what we
want is not a way of writing def statements in the middle
of expressions, but a way of writing expressions that
allows them to include statements.

Suppose you could write something like

   dict callbacks:

     def "case a"():

     def "case b"():

     def "case c"():

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