tkinter or wxpython?

Andrew M stopviequesbombing at
Wed Aug 14 17:26:20 CEST 2002

> This question comes up regularly; I'm sure you can find lots of opinions
> this in the (Google) archives.
> Myself, I started out using Tkinter, the went over to wxPython, mostly
> it has more components (controls, widgets, whatever you want to call it),
> because of speed issues. But recently I'm back in Tkinter-land again. In
> of its drawbacks, Tkinter has a certain elegance to it (IMHO; YMMV) that
> wxPython lacks.
> So, basically, I use either of them, depending on the situation...
> >  Also, I was looking at the book Python and Tkinter Programming and was
> > skeptical. Does anyone have an opinion on this particular book?
> I haven't read it thoroughly enough to form a solid opinion about it, but
> doesn't seem bad. Lots of practical examples and extensive coverage of
>   It does use Pmw a lot though, while at the moment I like to use "pure"
> Tkinter widgets...
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> # decode for email address ;-)
> The Pythonic Quarter::

Thanks everyone for your opinions. I've started on pyqt and I am also going
to try out wxPython, because some good points were maken in each one's
defence. I run Linux at work, so I will use pyQT there. Thanks again, and
happy programming!

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