Any Python IDE breakthroughs?

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Tue Aug 27 09:27:30 CEST 2002

I started on my Python/Zope quest 6 months ago and had to put it aside for
work-related reasons.  Now I've got my SuSE Linux 7.3 Pro box humming with
Zope running as a daemon.  I'm eager to get in and start Python'ing away.
I'm a spoiled IDE programmer (Kylix, Delphi, etc.).  What's the latest and
greatest in Python IDE's?  Still IDLE?  I'd want something that at the very
least could link me to source lines in my *.py files using error messages
from the interpreter as jump points, standard stuff.  I'd feel I'd died and
gone to heaven if I could get things like context sensitvie help, etc. but I
don't expect it.

What say you?


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