Naming class instances in real time

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Aug 12 15:46:07 EDT 2002

Neil MacMillan wrote:

> Is there a clean way for me to name class instances (or variables, or
> whathaveyou without hard-coding the names?
> For example, if I wanted to make objects representing people:
> >>>class People():
> ...  pass
> ...
> Can I then have a limited but unknown number of instances of
> that class in a running program named:
> >>>person0 = People()
> >>>person1 = People()
> >>>person2 = People()

why not do like everyone else, and put your instances
in a list?

    persons = []
    for i in range(some_random_integer):

    print person[0]

or even

    persons = [People() for i in range(some_random_integer)]

> ...and so on until the number of instances of People() is equal
> to any randomly generated integer, and each instance is named
> "person"+integer?

it can be done, but as usual, Python works better if you use it
to write Python code.


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