empy 1.3 -- Embed Python in template text as markup

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sun Aug 25 03:36:53 EDT 2002

Neil Hodgson wrote:

>    I currently use a specialised tool for this but feel it may be an
> interesting direction to take a generic template tool in. The template
> tool
> needs a way to find the range of the substitution and the definition
> and
> there needs to be a way to hide these using comments from the main
> processor
> of the file.

One could certainly perform this kind of thing in empy, but I'm not sure
of how much use it would be.  I'm not quite seeing how to integrate such
functionality into a tool unless it was specifically designed for it. 
(empy is the arbitrary embedding of Python code in template text, not
for this particular type of macro operation in particular.)

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