ANN: Pyrex 0.4.3

Greg Ewing greg at
Wed Aug 28 03:42:19 CEST 2002

> There are pros and cons to a new construct, as many noticed already.
> If Pyrex offers me a `for from' construct, I guess I'll use it.  But I
> would have preferred to write Pyrex the same as I write Python on this
> matter.

I don't have any philosophical objection to assuming that builtin
names have their usual bindings. But optimising "for x in range(...)"
in this way wouldn't be easy, given the way Pyrex is currently
structured. By the time the compiler knows that the "range" being
referred to is the built-in one, it's already built a parse tree on
the assumption that a function call is going to be made.

I may tackle this problem later, but there are other things to be done

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