Best IDE for Rapid GUI dev

Matthew Baulch matt at
Thu Aug 15 13:10:02 CEST 2002

I have routinely used the Tkinter module for construction of all my GUI's
until recently where I discovered the AWESOME wxPython package

Anyway, IDLE, the Tkinter based IDE which i have found to be fast, stable
and friendly over the years has run into a bit of a wall in relation to the
use of wxPython. However, if I make a coding error which results my wxPython
app stopping to respond and die, IDLE dies with it.

Obviously this is a major inconvenience as i have to kill IDLE each time
this occurs (quite frequently). Its probably fair to blame my python coding
skills :( but the only way they will improve is with the help of an IDE
better suited to wxPython. Any ideas? Thanks.


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