patch to make GBayes work with maildir and anydbm

Tim Peters at
Mon Aug 26 06:43:29 CEST 2002

[Neale Pickett, on the Python CVS sandbox research classifier]
> Thanks for your reply, Tim.  Sorry I've kept bugging you head Python
> dudes about this, I know it's not your highest priority.

You haven't bugged us at all!  Offering patches is a Good Thing, and maybe
someone will run with them; I'm just saying I don't have the bandwidth for
it, as I'm going in a different direction and need all the time I can carve
out for that.

> I'd gotten all jazzed about this technique and wanted something to work
> with that I could reasonably claim was someone else's (darned non-compete
> agreements).

I suggested you fork the code and start a new project on SourceForge --
you're welcome to do so.  Among other good things, you wouldn't have to talk
someone else into accepting patches <wink>.

> Maybe my patch will be useful to one of the other folks thinking of
> using GBayes for some sort of project.  My zealotry is quickly waning ;)
> Still lookin' for a corner of the noosphere to homestead,

Heh -- learn this algorithm inside out, think of a way to fool it, and sell
a new breed of spam-generation software to the spam industry.  Competition
is a good thing <wink>.

there-are-many-ways-to-get-famous-ly y'rs  - tim

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