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Denis S. Otkidach ods at
Mon Aug 26 10:22:32 EDT 2002

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Bart Vandereycken wrote:

BV> Is it possible to see how much data an urllib2.urlopen
BV> command sends.
BV> I need to upload a large file using a POST form, and a
BV> feedback of the
BV> progress would be nice.
BV> Thnaks
BV> PS Python newbie, so don't just say: you need to rewrite
BV> urllib2 or
BV> urlopen ;-)

Certainly, you should rewrite httplib first and then change
urllib2 :-)
Just hack httplib.HTTPConnection._send_request() method to write
request in chunks and add some feedback to it.

Denis S. Otkidach      [ru] [ru]

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