How your company think about python?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 20 13:37:13 CEST 2002

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> In article <3D604890.552C60B0 at>, Peter Hansen wrote:
> > Although I believe you are right about this (being able to deliver on
> > time with Python), I'm curious how you sold that argument to them.
> >
> > are they going on faith in you, or on some more scientific basis?
> > Knowing what worked for you might help others in similar situations.
> They're more or less going on faith with me. I was lucky that one of the
> client's engineers is also a Python enthusiast, and was very supportive in
> using Python for the project.

That was my approach too, minus the client engineer.  So we have at least:

Ways to Get Python Into Your Company:

1. Build a good reputation for yourself then choose to do something with Python.

2. Skunkworks.  Don't tell anyone until you're done and they start asking
   how the heck you did it so fast/well.

3. ?


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