distutils and extension modules

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 21 21:09:25 EDT 2002

hi there,

I'm pondering to migrate a python based package
from autotools/make to python's distutils. Now
I'm having difficulties setting up the build step
of one C++ based extension module it contains:

The sources for that particular module contain
three directories 'occ/', 'syn/', 'ucpp/', and
with the old build system the temporary object
files are compiled right into them, next to the
respective source files.

With the distutils I can't figure out how to tell
the compiler to put the object files into separate
Unfortunately, some filenames in the above directories
clash (for example 'occ/hash.cc' and 'ucpp/hash.c' both
compile to 'hash.o'), so compiling the objects into a
single place isn't an option.

What can I do ?

Thanks a lot,

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