Automatically generate class hierarchy

Sylvain Thénault syt at
Wed Aug 28 11:30:35 EDT 2002

sebastien hugues <sebastien.hugues at> writes:

> Hello,
> i tried to find a tool to automatically generate the class hierarchy
> of my program, but i found nothing. I just find a wrapper written
> in python to use doxygen, but it doesn't work well. I'd like my
> class hierarchy in UML style, it means with attributes and methods.
> Doxygen gives me only the hierarchy.
> I tested happydoc too, but i didn't figure out any graphical skill...

happydoc has a --dia option which make it generate UML diagram
readable by Gnome dia [1].

Another tool able to generate UML diagram from python source code is
pyreverse [2], which generate diagram for argouml [3] and sooner for
vcg [4]. 

Note that the current pyreverse version has a little bug in the file (you should put the "import sys" statement on the top
fo the file instead of its current location). A new release of
pyreverse fixing this bug and providing vcg diagram generation will be
available in a few days.


Sylvain Thénault


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