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                    ASSOCIATION OF LISP USERS (ALU)


                                            (ILC 2002)


                          SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

               SUNDAY, OCT. 27TH - THURSDAY, OCT. 31ST


                             CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


Due to many requests we have extended both the early registration and the
paper submission dealine to August 17th.

I have received over 40 paper submissions (not including the invited
speakers) and I thank you all for your participation.

This is going to be quite a unique and exciting conference!

NEW: Early Registration deadline:  August 17th, 2002
           Registration deadline:  September 31st, 2002
           Paper Submission deadline: August 17th, 2002

NEW: Competitions:

          1. Dynamic Languages RoboCup Simulation League Competition

          2. Chatterbot Competition

          Details will be announced *very* shortly!



The Conference

The Asociation of Lisp Users (ALU) is proud to announce the International
Lisp Conference 2002. The conference will take place at the Holiday Inn in
San Francisco's Financial District from October 27th through October 31st.

At the start of the 21st century we see the challenges ahead:
Applications will be more dynamic than ever and will be part of the fibers
of the Web, software and hardware robots will be our assistants, and biology
will be source of both computational problems and programming metaphors.
Applications will be customized to individuals who happen upon them, our
needs and desires will be served by artificial beings, and our software may
more accurately resemble a termite nest than Rube Goldberg inventions.

Will our mainstream concepts, approaches, and languages hold up? Where might
we turn for progress, inspiration, and technology? Was it right in front of
us all along? The International Lisp Conference addresses these questions
and more.

This four-day conference will bring together a mesh of brilliant minds from
a diverse international community that involves or borders the Lisp family
of languages. The conference will be uniquely multi-themed in nature, and
each day will paint a different theme. The themes  are  Lisp and Functional
Languages, Web Applications, Robotics and BioInformatics. We have already
gathered an impressive list of distinguished speakers from each of these
communities that promise to deliver a captivating a
stimulating conference experience.



Jans Aasman, KPN Research
Richard Fateman, University of California at Berkeley
Tim Finin, University of Maryland - Baltimore Campus
Paul Graham, Yahoo Inc.
Kent M. Pitman, HyperMeta Inc.
Christian Quenneic, Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris
Jeff Shrager, Stanford University
Nancy Reed, University of Hawaii
Alberto Riva, Harvard University
Hideto Tomabechi, Cognitive Research Laboratories Japan
Manuela M. Veloso, Carnegie-Mellon University
Jon L. White, CommerceOne Inc.



Lisp and Functional Languages:
   - LISP, CLOS & the MOP: Design & Dmplementation
   - Functional Languages: Design & Implementation
   - Comparative Language Analyses
   - Papers on Scheme, ML, Logo, Haskell, Smalltalk...

Web Applications
   - Intelligent Web Applcations
   - Lisp-based Server Applications
   - Languages for Web Applications
   - Next-generation Web Applications

Robotics & AI
   - Languages for Robotics
   - Software Agents & Robots
   - Robotic Applications
   - Lisp & AI

Bio Informatics
   - Lisp-based Bioinformatic systems
   - Languages for Bioinformatics
   - Computational Issues in Bioinformatics



The paper submission dealine will be August 17th 2002. Papers should be
submitted in electronic form as a PostScript or pdf file and should not
exceed 12 pages in length. Accepted papers will be presented at the
conference and published in the conference proceedings. Papers should be
submitted in English. Papers will be refereed according to normal conference

All papers should be submitted electronically to the Conference Chairman,

Raymond de Lacaze
e-mail: delaray at



Registration information is available at:



For more information, again, please visit the website:

or contact Raymond de Lacaze at delaray at


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