tkinter or wxpython?

Hans Nowak wurmy at
Wed Aug 14 16:57:54 CEST 2002

Andrew M wrote:
> I am an experienced programmer (C++, VB, HTML, Perl), and while learning
> Python I came across a problem! For GUI (Graphical User Interface) design,
> should I use the classic Tkinter or wxPython?

This question comes up regularly; I'm sure you can find lots of opinions on 
this in the (Google) archives.

Myself, I started out using Tkinter, the went over to wxPython, mostly because 
it has more components (controls, widgets, whatever you want to call it), and 
because of speed issues. But recently I'm back in Tkinter-land again. In spite 
of its drawbacks, Tkinter has a certain elegance to it (IMHO; YMMV) that 
wxPython lacks.

So, basically, I use either of them, depending on the situation...

>  Also, I was looking at the book Python and Tkinter Programming and was
> skeptical. Does anyone have an opinion on this particular book?

I haven't read it thoroughly enough to form a solid opinion about it, but it 
doesn't seem bad. Lots of practical examples and extensive coverage of widgets. 
  It does use Pmw a lot though, while at the moment I like to use "pure" 
Tkinter widgets...

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