MySQL GUI written in python

Gerhard Haering gerhard.haering at
Thu Aug 1 09:36:40 CEST 2002

Percy Tambunan wrote:
> i do a lot of database programming especially with MySQL. I just starting
> learning python because many people told me that python is wonderful. I
> have read Guido's tutorial, but still being unable to write some codes for
> building MySQL GUI written in python.
> I need some help from many of you guys for this.

I'd not worry about GUIs at first. For interfacing MySQL, the natural choice is
to use MySQLdb for this. If you use a binary distribution of MySQLdb, and it
doesn't include examples or docs, just download the source distribution of
MySQLdb from Sourceforge, as it includes example code and documentation.

As you're already familiar with database programming, you should be able to
learn using the Python DB-API pretty fast.

I'd tackle the GUI programming part later on.

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