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Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Aug 28 21:29:08 CEST 2002

"Jean-François Ménard" wrote:

> What is missing ?  Well, I'm not a language designer, but I can say
> what *I*
> miss.
>     - Interfaces.  Behavior checking is not enough.

This is something I think would be useful in some way, but I'm not sure
how to integrate it in a Pythonic way.

>     - Private and Public scopes.  Explicitly.  No more __name_mangling

So what would private and public scopes get you that name mangling

>     - Design by contract. Pre and Post conditions.  Could save hours
> of
> debugging.

Can't you do this yourself?

>     - Block comments.  """ """ should be for documentation.

You already have these.

>     - Class variables.

You have these too:

	class C:
	    N = 0
	    def __init__(self):
	        C.N += 1

The C.N counter is common to all instances.

>     - No more self in functions declarations.  In OOP, this *can* be
> implicit. (I know, this is controversial stuff)

This is a common request, but the problem in some cases the self
argument _can't_ be implicit.  Take, for instance, bound vs. unbound
methods.  Sometimes the self argument needs to be explicit.

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