Could Python supplant Java?

T. Max Devlin tmax at
Tue Aug 20 15:56:37 EDT 2002

In, I heard asj say:
>You have GOT to do better than that <g>
>java on the desktop was never that much of a priority for sun beyond the
>initial hype (unfortunately)...they're a server hardware company, and
>it's on that end that java is flourishing.
>today, java is also swamping the small device arena, its original target
>lurker's guide to j2me:
>microsoft monopoly? i suggest posting to comp.os.linux.advocacy.

Don't bother.  They have a serious denial-of-reality problem when it comes to
the Microsoft monopoly.  As far as they are concerned, there is no 'monopoly',
it's just that everybody is stupid.

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