Could Python supplant Java?

Max M maxm at
Mon Aug 19 16:22:37 CEST 2002

netvegetable wrote:

> But could Python do the trick? The python interpreter is smaller than the 
> JRE, and it's certainly a nicely structured language, with nearly all the 
> coding features of Java. 

Whether Python will ever replace Java probably has nothing to do with 
Pythons technical merrits.

Right now many/most business' use Java as the main language due to the 
fact that it is well known, trusted and can get the job done. So it is 
sort of a safe bet. And it has a lot of momentum.

Python on the other hand is seen more as a fringe language that "no-one" 

It is very hard to change that image in the mind of the busines people 
taking the decissions based on non-technical merrits.

regards Max M

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