sys module - argv, but no argc ??

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On Fri, 02 Aug 2002 00:00:56 -0700, James J. Besemer Wrote in
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> Tony C wrote:
>> I've imported the sys module, and I'm SHOCKED that there is no way to
>> access the argument count.
>> The docs talk about accessing argv, but nothing about the argument
>> count.
> No need.  Use:
>     len( sys.argv )

Being the newbie that I am, I just so happened to be working on this
very thing.

I am sure that this isn't the most elegant way of parsing the command
line, but it works well. And no index out of bounds errors, thus no
need for argc.

# Check to see if command line has any perimeters. -s is newserver,
# -g is group. Range indexes manually, and allows the disregarding of
# argv[0] the way a slice would.

import string
import sys

for index in range(1,len(sys.argv)):
    str = string.upper(sys.argv[index])
    if str == "-G":
        newsgroup = sys.argv[index+1]
    elif str == "-S":
        nntpserver = sys.argv[index+1]



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