ANNOUNCE: proctitle - manipulate 'argv[]' (process listing) of the Python process

David Rushby woodsplitter at
Thu Aug 15 22:26:03 CEST 2002

Dave Cinege <dcinege at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1027382614.7327.python-list at>...
> keyphrases:
> setproctitle proctitle
> change process name
> change process title
> change ps output 
> argv[0] argv[-1]
> In linux this modules allows one to change the output seen from 'ps'.
> (And the processes 'cmdline' in /proc/)
> It is useful for hiding 'python', an argument that is a password,
> or update process information.
> ...
> Once it has been made portable...

  Does anyone know if Windows supports this functionality?  My search
of MSDN's Windows API documentation and Google was fruitless.

  Just to be explicit:  I know that the proctitle module in its
current state doesn't work on Windows; I'm asking whether Windows
allows the process title to be changed, rather than whether proctitle
currently works on Windows.

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