Could Python supplant Java?

Tim Smith reply_in_group at
Sun Aug 25 01:33:54 CEST 2002

In article <rnpamuc2ocg4ldskqj4diu2h4kr9l7t2o4 at>, James A Robertson
>>> what kind of a system is that ? every system I've worked on (other than
>>> windows) came with at least *ONE* compiler ...  and most let you rebuild
>>> the kernel as well ...
>>Windows is not the first not to; the Macintosh did not until MacOS X.
> Solaris ships with a worthless compiler you can't really use.  You have to
> <pay> to get the Sun compiler, or go fetch the gcc.  Which rock do people
> live under, anyway?  Sun unbundled the C compiler more than a decade
> ago....

Same with most commercial versions of Unix.  There usually *was* a bundled
minimal set of development tools, for use in relinking the kernel and
recompiling kernel config files, but this was often an old compiler,
suitable for nothing else, and it was hidden away so you'd have to dig
around for it if you wanted to use it.

--Tim Smith

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