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Edward K. Ream edream at
Mon Aug 26 18:07:28 CEST 2002

> > There is no way for spammers to circumvent ChoiceMail because ChoiceMail
> > never examines the contents of messages. The only drawback is that
> > first-time correspondents must fill out a very simple form.


> Unfortunately, this scheme will lead to automated systems that _could_
> have legitimate reason to need to contact you getting blocked.
> For instance, I used to have a "Discover" credit card.  They had a
> fairly useful feature where they would send me an email a few days
> before the bill was due as a reminder, with a URL in the email to make
> it easy to head over to their web site.

ChoiceMail handles this easily.  You can always add something to the

> I'm sure there are workarounds.  My _preference_ is for the spam to
> get thrown into a Spam folder, so that I can periodically take a look
> and see if there were any jewels thrown in with the swine.

That's exactly how ChoiceMail works.  You have complete control.  The
problem is mimicing this flexibility in a newsgroup setting.

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