ANN: InfoSearch - a personal search engine

Burt Leavenworth edlsoft at
Sat Aug 3 14:33:51 EDT 2002

InfoSearch is a personal search engine (where the user populates
his own database) written in Python that I wrote some time
ago (like 1998!) to store personal unstructured information
which can later be retrieved using key words. It has been
sitting on my hard disk all this time while I have been busy
with other activities. This seems to be a good time to release
it as open source. InfoSearch runs under Windows using Python
1.5.2. I have not upgraded to v2.2 so you can try it if you like.

The basic operations are add a note, search for a note, edit, delete,
print notes, import, export notes, and dial phone numbers that
appear in notes.

You can download two files from, which will install a standalone version of the program.
Just run the setup program which will place an icon on the desktop., which contains a directory with the source file which you can use to modify and/or extend. Patches are
encouraged. Comments and suggestions are welcome to:
edlsoft at

Burt Leavenworth

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