Are most programmers male?

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> I failed to mention this previously because I didn't think of it.  I'm not
> sure I believe it myself but I'll throw it out for argument's sake...
Sorry, this is abuse.

> Most gays claim that their sexuality is ingrained and absolutely not at
> all the result of environment.  You often hear testimony that they knew
> they were in the wrong bodies since their earliest memories.
Most of the gays I know wouldn't claim to "be in the wrong bodies" at all,
and don't have trans-gender issues: they simply prefer to express their
sexuality with other members of the same sex.

> Of the gays I know, some definitely fit this mold.  One guy I knew was
> straight when I met him  but he was one of those people I am surprised
> to learn is NOT gay.  Then, after a failed marriage, he realizes he IS gay
> and lives happily ever after.
So, he was in the wrong body until he realised he was gay, and suddenly he's
OK with being in a man's body?

> If they're right, it would be further evidence that sexual orientation
> is genetic or hard-wired, even if it does not correlate in all cases with
> a person's actual sex.
> Whadda y'all think?
I think that

a) This too is anecdotal evidence, and therefore not helpful in advancing
any case.

b) There is strong evidence that both environmental and hereditary factors
play a part in developing sexuality, and nobody can really say in general
how much either is responsible (and since it's an individual matter, such
generalities would anyway be pretty worthless)

c) This all appears to have precious little to do with Python :-)

Since you appear to be looking for an argument, is the ratio of gays to
styraights in the programming world any different from the population at
large? What difference does this make to the question? A male gay is male,
after all, and a lesbian is also a woman.

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