Help with zipfile

dijk adijkstra at
Thu Aug 8 11:32:33 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I have written a little script for work for copiing file to the a:
drive(windows). When the file's are too big I put them in a zipfile,
which is copied to the floppydisk. I made a executable from this
script with 'py2exe'.

When I start the script(not the executable) from the dos-commandline,
all goes well. When I put the executable in my 'sent to menu(??)', the
names in the zipfile are abbreviated in dos style(docu~1).

Could anyone help me?

greetings Arjen
from os import system, stat, path
from stat import ST_SIZE
from sys import argv
from time import strftime, gmtime
from zipfile import ZipFile

for item in bestand:
    #print a
#print b

maand=strftime ('%m', gmtime())
jaar=strftime ('%y', gmtime())
mapje='g:\\mndoutput\\%s' % s
if b >= 1400000L:
##    print 'De bestanden zijn samen groter dan 1,4 mb.\n\nDe
bestanden worden niet gecopieerd'
##    sleep(4)
    zipnaam=raw_input("naam zipfile  >  ")
    filenaam='g:\\mndoutput\\%s' % zipnaam
    zip=ZipFile(filenaam, 'w', 8)
    for p in bestand:
        print z
        zip.write(p, z)
    print 'bestand', filenaam, 'wordt gecopieerd'
    system('move %s a:' % filenaam)
    for p in bestand:
        print 'bestand',p , 'wordt verplaatst'
        system('move %s %s' % (p, mapje))
elif b < 1400000L:
    for p in bestand:
        print 'bestand', p, 'wordt gecopieerd'
        system('copy %s a:' % p)
        print 'bestand', p, 'wordt verplaatst'
        system('move %s %s' % (p, mapje))

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