Building extensions with MinGW on Win2K - formerly "Extension module import error with MinGW, SWIG, and distutils"

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Tue Aug 13 23:58:10 CEST 2002

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> I finally got things working, at least, without SWIG, which is ok for
> now. Baby steps!
> Surprisingly, a colleague of mine did not have to go through the
> gyrations I did. He simply downloaded MinGW, and was able to create
> extensions right away. One difference is that he does not have Cygwin
> installed, and I do, so it could be that I was accidentally using some
> of the Cygwin tools, instead of the MinGW tools. (This is something I
> should investigate further...)

i have cygwin installed and it did not work with --compiler=cygwin but with 
--compiler=mingw. it worked right out of the box taht way.
(there is some mingw package within cygwin too. i have that and maybe its 
need for this approach.)

however, i like the cygwin tools because there are a lots of powerful unix 
tools, but if you want to save the download time when you don't use these 
tools, then mingw is right for you.


[step by step instructions snipped]

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