python-like style

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Wed Aug 21 17:26:48 CEST 2002

Here's another approach:

 >>> file = open( somefile ).readlines()
 >>> keyword = '('
 >>> [ file[i+1]
	for i in range(len(file)-1)
	if keyword in file[i]

The problem with your code is that, as the error notes, 's' is not 
defined, you also seem to be using the iterator as both a string 
representing the last result, and an object matching the iterator 
protocol.  As far as I know, that doesn't work, but then, I've not yet 
used an iterator in my own code :) .


Giorgi Lekishvili wrote:
> Hi all!
> Description of my task:
> Given a file. Given a list of keywords.
> Task:
> test whether a keyword is in the line and return the NEXT line. More
> precisely, the list of all such lines.
>>>>rz=filter(None, map(apply(getit, s, kw), i))
> exceptions.NameError : name 's' is not defined

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