Scope of instantiated class

Michael Hudson mwh at
Sat Aug 3 12:26:22 EDT 2002

aahz at (Aahz) writes:

> In article <lku1mpl69n.fsf at>,
> Michael Hudson  <mwh at> wrote:
> >Common Lisp calls them "places", which is a reasonable name.  It's not
> >that much of an issue in Python as there aren't that many of them
> >(names, attributes, subscripts, slices).  In CL, you can define your
> >own (tho' it's a bit tricky).
> Hmmm...  That doesn't sound quite right to my ear.  <sigh>

Well, to me "place" means something like "Galois equivalence class of
valuations" but I can get over that <wink>.


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