ASP performance problems

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Aug 1 01:02:11 CEST 2002

Larry wrote:
> I've implemented a web application on an NT/IIS platform using Python
> and Active Server Pages.
> Most of the heavy logic and database access is contained in modules
> that I import on the ASP pages, so the pages are pretty clean. It's
> usually a function call that returns a list that I loop thru to build
> tables and what not.
> My problem is that when heavier usage occurs the web server starts to
> really bog down. It's almost like a slowly growing thing where it gets
> slower and slower until it's unusable. It's not a problem with the
> database because when the production web server is crawling I can
> still use the development web server and everything is lightning fast.
> When I look at the task manager the CPU is really pegged, jumping
> around between 50% and 100%.
> Has anyone encountered this or does anyone have any thoughts? I
> realize IIS/ASP isn't the optimum deployment environment but this is
> killing me that vbscript app we had ran so much better.
> One question I have is the use of "del" and how important that is. I
> was under the impression objects would get swept up when I exited the
> function so I don't use "del" very often at all. Is it possible IIS is
> somehow becoming less efficient because of this?
Are you using the 146/147 builds of win32all?  There were a couple of 
ASP related memory leaks fixed in this version.  Does the memory usage 
on the IIS server process show leakage?


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