The troubles with pythonwin

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Thu Aug 1 12:51:09 CEST 2002

Gerson Kurz:
> Oh, and one more thing (and this applies to scintilla & scite, too):
> I'm working on windows, so every newline in a python source is \r\n
> ["CRLF" if you turn on "View\End of line"]. Every now and then a LF
> gets lost when editing in Pythonwin, so the line ends in CR, and
> python complains about invalid line syntax.

   Scintilla tries really hard to stop you from deleting half of a CR+LF
pair, so if you could find a reproducible way to do this, it would be a big
help in trying to fix the problem. There are ways using explicit backslash
sequences in the SciTE replace dialog (IIRC PythonWin doesn't support
backslash quoting in replace) to do this but if you attempt this then I
assume you know what you are doing.


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