Graham's spam filter (was Lisp to Python translation criticism?)

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at
Sun Aug 18 00:04:09 CEST 2002

Paul Rubin <phr-n2002b at> wrote:
> Erik Max Francis <max at> writes:
>> One obvious and immediate issue is that for an industrial-strength
>> filter, the database gets _huge_ (Graham's basic setup involved 4000
>> messages each in the spam and nonspam corpora), and reading and writing
>> the database (even with cPickle) each time a spam message comes through
>> starts to become intensive.
> Why not use dbhash?  I think there's also a Python cdb wrapper somewhere.

cdb should be _really_ good for it.

By the way, _my_ setup, with Ifile, involves a corpus of tens of
thousands of messages, that probably exceeds 500MB.

Ifile distills that down to a "corpus file" about 7.5MB long.
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