wxPython program crashes?

Bill Dandreta wjdandreta at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 12 13:15:07 EDT 2002

I have a small wxPython program that I wrote and it frequently crashes
but only when I close it.

There is no output from the Python interpreter.

It is running on Windows 98. Closing the program sometimes causes the
Windows "this program has performed an illegal operation..." error.

The program behaves much better if I run it inside Boa Constructor
(i.e., it crashes less frequently).

Small changes seem to have a big effect on this problem. Sometimes
making even the most minor change will make the problem disappear or

Except for this closing problem, the program seems to work perfectly.

It is a simple program with:


wxMenu with 3 items on it, 


2 wxButton's,


and a bunch of wxStaticText controls.

Anybody have a clue what might cause this?


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