Python For Windows XP?

Joe Connellan joec at
Thu Aug 22 07:06:54 EDT 2002

I know it's not much help but I have not had any trouble with python on xp.
I'm using the python2.2.1.exe from It seems to work fine both on
home and pro. Are you getting any errors from the install? maybe it's your xp


CrEaTuRe_1987 wrote:

> Can someone tell me if there is a version of Python available for Windows
> XP?  I download Python 2.2.1, which crashes during the installation.  I
> believe this maybe be caused by the operating system, what should I do?
> Don't suggest I switch to Linux, I'm already going to try that ;-)
> --
> CrEaTuRe_1987

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