Python couldnt recognize ***.py file !!!

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 27 13:57:42 CEST 2002

quite black wrote:
> Yep it surprised me much but it is true, at least true for me.

Rest assured it is something you're doing or not doing, not something
wrong with Python itself.

> Frankly I'm not so well in Python2.2, so I followed some tutorial but failed...I'll state my steps below:
> first, I pressed Ctrl+N to open a new window(my OS is windows2k).
> then, I pasted the code into that blank new sheet.
> next, I select "save" command to save the code into a .py file and I put it on desktop.
> it seems everything is OK, so I open another new window and pressed Ctrl+O to open a text file. And strange
> things happened, it couldnt find the file saved before. What's the matter ???

Have you checked using some other tool, like Windows Explorer or File Find, to
see if the file was saved properly?


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