The perfect Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 29 00:31:00 CEST 2002

"Jean-François Ménard" wrote:
> First, a warning:
>     - I'm very poor in english.
>     - I woke up way too early this morning.
>     - It's a long post... (Sorry!)
>     - I *love* python. This is not a troll, or anything like that.

Considering the incredible similarity to Java in your suggested 
"perfect Python", it's hard to believe this isn't really a troll.

> Ok. Here we go.
> I would like to share my impressions and my comments on Python.  At the end,
> I will propose what would be for me the *perfect* Python interpreter.


Would you mind searching the archives for past discussions about the topics
you raise and, after removing those items which have been discussed at length
more than three times in the last two years, repost your reduced list of

Actually, wait, I think perhaps it would be an empty posting... don't bother.


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