Python to surpass C performance by 2030

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 27 08:15:07 EDT 2002

Erno Kuusela wrote:
> since 1.5.2 is about 4 years old, the improvement per year is about
> 13.2% on average. if we assume that 1.5.2 is 50 times slower than
> C (probably conservative?), then at 13.2% per year since 1998 it
> will add up to 53x improvement in 32 years.

In our experiments it was close to 30 times slower on average.  
The overall range was about 10 to 100.

This would put the crossover around 2026 instead, which is not 
much different.

At about two new versions a year, that would make it, what, 
about Python 8.4?  ;-)

It won't matter anyway, because by then we'll all be writing our
code using Pyrex (to get the static type checking, you know :-),
and we'll be ten times *faster* than C.


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