Python - the worst language ;)

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at
Sun Aug 18 23:54:24 EDT 2002

> From: Isaac To [mailto:kkto at]
> >>>>> "Ron" == Ron Stephens <rdsteph at> writes:
>     Ron> Heck, I thought I weighted things so that Python 
> couldn't lose
>     Ron> ;-))) I figured any one who was most interested in 
> choosing the
>     Ron> most popular language would choose Java over Python.
> It's stupid.  The "weights" don't add up the same at all.

It's obviously changed, as the first time I went there (a few months ago
IIRC) it was giving up python for nearly everything.

Obviously some Java weenies got to him ... >:)

Tim Delaney

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