A Free Idea: Search Engine for Webpages

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Aug 26 04:48:25 CEST 2002

Serge Boiko wrote:
> An example to clarify the point. I have a list of journals
> (1000+lines) and I'm looking for those of them that contain the term
> "interaction", but I'm really interested in those matches that relates
> somehow to computer science. The imaginary program would return:
[snip example]
> Another point is that I could make searches of subsearches, also useful,
> isn't it?

Ah, now I understand perfectly.  Aren't there personal search engines 
of some kind that could do something like this for you already?  Or
are those intended to work only on Intranet content, not on content
that is out on the web itself?

I would imagine there are search engine programs you can install, then
feed them a web site, then use it to do your own searches, which would
accomplish what you want.

If not, then I agree it's a useful _and_ novel idea! :)


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