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In article <slrnakl3mb.c05.Andreas.Leitgeb at pc7499.gud.siemens.at>,
Andreas Leitgeb <avl at logic.at> wrote:
>1.) A 'for'-loop like in Tcl or in C, where you have separate
>   Init-, condition and increment-blocks, that control the loop.
>   (Of course, there's while, which can emulate all, but with that,
>   getting "continue" straight (that is: jump to the "increment-part" 
>   of the body) is probably some hassle ...)
Andreas, you'd probably like Dave Beazley's *Python 
Essential Reference*.

The specific answer in this case is, use while, and
in fact the continue will do just what it should.
When in doubt, Python inclines to minimalism.  A C-
like "for (;;)" isn't really necessary, and Python
doesn't go to the trouble of cluttering itself up
with this and other superfluities.

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