Emacs Colors are driving me crazy!

TuxTrax TuxTrax at fortress.tuxnet.net
Fri Aug 9 04:04:09 CEST 2002

Hi all. 

I really hosed emacs on my account. My wifes account is unaffected. She can
use Emacs just fine.

What happened is this:

I went into KDE control panel, and changed some settings for the look and
feel. One of the settings I changed is the "apply fonts and colors to non
KDE applications". I checked that box.

The next time I ran Emacs, all text is in a reverse-like format. the letters
are in the color that the default background used to be, and the background is
white, but only where there are letters. It makes Emacs look like
a serial killer cut and pasted all the text onto the screen.

Of course, I am referring to running emacs from KDE. it dosen't matter
in black and white from the CLI.

This makes emacs unusable, and especially so, for the python programming that
I was doing. Emacs does a nice job of highlighting with color, all of the
python statements and so on. It dosen't do it anymore. it's all just white.

I have since unchecked the box in  KDE to no avail. In fact I have tried
everything I could think of including uninstalling and reinstalling it. no

I *need* emacs. It's got to be a local setting, because It dosen't do it with 
my wife's account on the same machine. I would really like to know where it is
storing this god awful setting - it's got to be in a file that identifies 
itself to emacs as being my settings, but I haven't been able to find it. 

Any help that can be offered will be highly appreciated. I know that I am not
the first person that this has ever happened to. Someone must know the answer.



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