Robert Oschler Oschler at
Fri Aug 30 22:16:43 EDT 2002

Well at the risk of sounding like an acolyte I do want to make a comment.  I
made several apps under C++ and VB that did full "site-scrapes" of a few web
sites.  Therefore I dealt very closely with the MS document object model
(DOM) and its nested tree of "nodes".  At the time I was grateful for it
although navigating the DOM tree was very tedious.  After having played with
PyAmazon, the python Amazon web site SOAP interface module, I'm a bit
astonished.  It's not enough that the code in that module is a marvel of
brevity, but what really struck me was the Bag class that Amazon returns.
This class is the SOAP XML response document neatly tied and wrapped in a
Python class that is truly wonderful to use.  All the XML tags are
automagically turned into Python class attributes with the hierarchy of XML
tags being mirrored as a hierarchy of Python classes.  This is _so_ much
easier to deal with than what I'm used to.

Again, pardon the gush, but a pleasant surprise.  Especially since I had
been reading up on having to deal with XML docs in Java and well, mowing the
lawn was starting to look awful good.


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