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Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Tue Aug 13 14:41:53 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 14:03, snodx at wrote:
> I think JYthon is going to make my head-spin. It seems to be
> a different cup of tea and it may not be needed in my case.

Have you tried jythonc?

> Just tell me what the heck the library functions that I have
> referred to in my posting are doing?

Python is Open Source, so just look over the sources...

> The problem is that the sendsms Python script that I have
> provided is actually trying to invoke the Kannel daemon programs

What it is "Kannel"? May be you mean "kernel" or some German author? :) If 
"kernel daemon", then UNIX has no one for SMS, but there is just SMS Tools 
package, exactly /usr/bin/smsd daemon and /etc/smsd.conf Check it out with 
the following commands:

	rpm -qa | grep sms
	rpm -ql sms....

All what you need is just to make an wrapper with Perl or Bash for sending 
SMS'es, and invoke it with Java...

> that are running in the background on my RedHat system.


> But where exactly is it dooing so I cant understand. 

There is several well documented papers. You can google it and figure out very 

> So I decided to begin analyzing the Python scripts one by one.

Yes, sure, do this well! Maybe you'll switch to the Python from the Java! :P


question = 0xFF;	// optimized Hamlet

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