Are most programmers male?

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Or quite the opposite.  I have found that the ones that don't 
document their code are the more social engineers.  They tend to be 
the ones there for the 9-5 job.  Documentation takes time that they 
are not willing to put into it.  The hermit engineer might not 
document the code for different reasons, but, I bet you that there is 

at least a smattering of lighter documentation scattered through it 
so that the idea of the solution is easier to read.

The 9-5ers also tend to not test their code that well before passing 
it off either to testers, or to production.  They are either throwing 

to together so that they can hang outside and smoke, or what ever, or 

they realized that it needs to be done before they go home.  Either 
way, the result is the same.

As to the possibility of the hermit engineer solving the wrong 
problem.  That too is true.  A manager worth their weight in salt 
will be able to make sure that the problem is communicated properly.  

And the wrong problem might actually be what had to be fixed, so more 

work was done to fix a deeper, bigger problem that the symptoms could 

only be seen.

On 12 Aug 2002 at 10:24, Frithiof Andreas Jensen wrote:

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> >You need the hermit engineer to actually
> > build the core product or service.
> Like the plague, you do ;-)
> Ever tried debugging (the heresy of it!) or to document & test said hermits
> code?

Most of the hermits know how to test their code.  A few even know how 

to speak, you should try being nice to one sometime and learn 
> The objective of software development is not merely to produce code, it is
> to solve problems. The users problems, not the organisations - having to
> mediate for someone with the combined social skills of a decaying moose
> carcasse and an alligator on speed will make life harder than it needs to
> be!
But that decaying moose might just be unique in the organisation in 
that it knows the whole system.  How many engineers know the workings 

of the whole system in a large one?
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Only those who will risk going too far
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