How your company think about python?

Michael Hudson mwh at
Mon Aug 19 12:10:09 CEST 2002

Roy Smith <roy at> writes:

> It's not hard to imagine that had the application been written in 
> python, the list insertion step would have been done using dictionaries.  
> I'm not sure how dictionaries work, but I'm guessing they're O(logN).  

Not really.  They're mostly O(1), but that's not really a helpful
piece of information in this situation.

They're pretty quick, is more relavent.


  $ head -n 2 src/bash/bash-2.04/unwind_prot.c
   /* I can't stand it anymore!  Please can't we just write the
      whole Unix system in lisp or something? */
                                       -- spotted by Rich van der Hoff

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