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On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 11:31:33 -0400, Steve Holden Wrote in
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>> > FWIW, with the exception of a modification nntpserver definition,
>> >
>> >> nntpserver  = "news.yourserver.com"
>> >
>> > this code runs as-is on my W2k machine. I know you're probably not
>> > interested
>> Actually, I am. Very interested. I think it is outstanding the way
>> python is such an (easily)  cross platform language. Write
>> it on linux, run it on windows! Why, I think that is very cool!
>> I am a linux man. That dosen't make me a snob, just for the record. I
>> know people still use windows, and for some very good reasons. And I
>> know that if I write software that anyone else will be using, (even if
>> it is just for fun) I want it to run on as many platforms as possible
>> with a minimum of fuss. Ain't python grand!
>> > , but there's a very nice Python distribution for Windows from
>> > ActiveState.
>> Actually, I just downloaded the python distro for windows from the
>> python site. It was very simple to install, and includes all the
>> standard stuff. works great on the NT system at work. I play with it
>> on my lunch break.
>> Don't know about the activestate stuff.
>> > One wonders how your code would look in some other languages. In Perl,
> of
>> > course, it would be an unreadable mess
>> I understand Perl was one of the reasons that Guido decided to write
>> his own language. True?
>> Perl does tend to lack a certain............  asthetic quality, dosen't
> it?
> [ ... ]
> Just out of interest, you may wish to compare your code with
>     http://pydish.holdenweb.com/pwp/chp5notes.htm
> which uses the XOVER command to retrieve news posting details rather faster.
> I'm pleased you are so enthusiastic about Python, it's a good language which
> deserves support.
> regards
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Thanks Steve. I love to browse stuff. Checking it out right now.



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