Command line and interactive interpreter (Was: Re: Python is easy?)

Matt Gerrans matt_gerrans at
Tue Aug 13 20:32:23 CEST 2002

> (I wonder if there was some specific reason for
> choosing such spelling.)

The spelling is correct, it is just the choice of nomenclature that is a
little misleading.   I think it stemmed from the fact that whoever came up
with the link names was trying to differentiate the GUI Python interpreter
(IDLE) from the console Python interpreter and probably thought more people
are familiar with the phrase "command line" than are familiar with the term

So, an evangelistic ("Follow the gourd!") enhancement to IDLE (as well as
the console interpreter) would be to check any name error exception and see
if the user was looking for its "py" property; in that case, print a nice
little message like "Welcome to the wonderful Python programming language!
If you want to run a script, you can do it from the command line (outside of
this interpreter), or you can import the script here.   Blah, blah, blah
(more helpful instructions)..."

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